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Family-owned Wewood was founded in 2010 and produces beautifully crafted objects with exceptional skill. No stranger to working with designers and architects, Wewood believes in elevating high-end joinery by producing superb solid furniture that promotes Portuguese culture and design.


Wewood believe in the perfect combination of design and woodworking, between artisans and designers – and each piece is born form the inspiration and creativity of the designers and turned into reality by the hands, wisdom and experience of the Wewood craftsmen.


WOHAbeing and Wewood finalised their collaboration agreement in November 2017. “We are really excited to work with Wewood. The quality of their products is absolutely top-notch and we share a similar outlook on design, sustainability and craftsmanship,” says Mun Summ Wong. “We have been designing furniture for many years but we only launched WOHAbeing in September of this year. It’s wonderful to collaborate with partners who have experience not just in manufacturing but who know the industry and are plugged into the market” adds Richard Hassell.


Wewood, being based in Portugal, will facilitate the access to the European market. “We are very confident in Wewood’s production capacity and reliability, we trust their attention to detail and quality control,” says Hassell. “I believe that this will be an excellent partnership for both parties because we complement each other. WOHA is known for great design and ideas and Wewood has a great reputation in manufacturing with high expertise in wood production,” says Salvador Gonzaga, CEO of Wewood. “With this partnership, Wewood will be able to get to know and discover the Asian market and, at the same time, introduce WOHAbeing to the European market.”



Rua D. Afonso Henriques, 77
4585 – 322 Gandra

Tel: +351 224 114 050
Web: http://wewood.eu
Email: info@wewood.eu