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Singapore has been a thriving trading port since its founding in 1819 and the Singapore River was its economic lifeblood. Goods were loaded and unloaded into warehouses known as Godowns, using sampans – small, nimble boats for use in the river. Sampan is Cantonese for “3 Boards” as the simple, elegant boats were made from a flat plank on the base with two angled planks making the sides.

Our office is located in a conserved cluster of shophouses behind Boat Quay, where the boats were moored on the Singapore River, in a street of spice traders. Several family-owned businesses continue this trade today, scenting the air with cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon.

The Sampan bathware suite applies the elegant tapered shapes of the traditional boats to a series of baths and vanities. Bathing becomes a relaxing journey.