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The Rug Maker

Established in 2004, The Rug Maker has been catering the interior and architectural industry both locally and abroad with customized quality rugs. Their passion has always been rug customization, distinguishing themselves as a local rug specialist whose designs are locally designed and developed.

Priding themselves upon providing a personalized service to their clients, they pay close attention to their needs from design to functionality of the desired rugs. Possessing an extensive knowledge of the rug-making process as well as the interior and furnishing industry is part of their professional expertise. They also uphold themselves on the ability to procure production solutions from a variety of superior manufacturers which they have conscientiously sourced for.

Most importantly, they are particular about the quality of their rugs, and are focused on achieving the designs clients most desire. Designs are conceptualized and continuously tweaked until they meet the clients’ requirements. Exclusivity is also one of The Rug Maker’s objectives in providing custom rug designing.

The Rug Maker believes that a rug is not just functionally advantageous as it absorbs sound and softens falls, but it is a great accessory that completes the whole look of an interior space. Besides adding on to the aesthetic lure of a room, it also creates a sense of comfort and luxury.

The Rug Maker has done projects that include the hospitality industry, as well as commercial and residences.


1092 Lower Delta Road #07-01
Singapore 169203

1093 Lower Delta Road #02-20
Singapore 169204

Tel: +65 6270 2823