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Bintan Collection

On Bintan island, sea turtles lay their eggs in the fine white sand. Hermit crabs totter around on spindly legs under their weighty seashells. Combining these impressions of vibrant nature with the studio aesthetic of modernism we developed two families of chairs, the crab series and the turtle series. The turtle series have a broad, smooth solidity. Their form is reminiscent of turtle flippers and shells. The crab series contrast fine metal legs with padded shells.

The two ranges are designed to co-exist and complement each other. The massive turtle recliner can anchor a setting, while the crab chairs can dance in front of a window.  They are comfortable, cool and cheerful and complement any relaxed space that dreams of the weekend.

The moulded plywood chairs come in a variety of soft semi-transparent stains and use the plywood edging as a striped detail. The cushions are made in coloured leather and robust Indian cotton, hand-printed in a custom wood-block design.