About Us

wohabeing is about living well by living simply and sustainably, and celebrating the beauty of the world. It is about making and craft, balance and proportion, and about texture, colour and form. We draw inspiration from the past, make connections to the rich tapestry of cultures we work within, and propose how we should live in the future.

We seek delight. When people use our objects, they smile and relax. Our designs can be quirky, friendly and happy. We are stylish but not stylists. Our designs can command a room, but are also great in conversation with other pieces. They make a house into a home.

We think about the person that will sit in that chair. What does this person enjoy? How does this chair fit into this person’s life? We think about who makes the chair. What are the maker’s working conditions? How are the employees treated? How skilful are they? We think about the materials that are used. Are they from sustainable, non-toxic, humane sources? Are they robust, of high quality and long-lasting? Are they as beautiful when aged as they are new?

Our pieces reference the cultures we inhabit in our life and in our design practice. They mean something to us, to the makers that use their craft to produce them and they find meaning when they enter a person’s life and become a part of their home.

Our designs possess simplicity, but are not simple. We distil, through the process of drawing and making, a multitude of references, history and connections into a single elegant profile.

We search for a precarious balance – a perfect combination of the imperfect, a tension in the line of beauty. For us, this knife-edge – this tightrope act – is where elegance lies.




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